July fourth Toilet YouTube footage

Ladies and gentleman,
We have started uploading vids from our massive
archive dating back 13 years!
July Fourth Toilet is a musically performative project
I’ve been heavily involved in as a founding member
where our mandate is to always have a differently
themed show!
Lots of info in the sidebar of the links provided.
And here with recordings:

Now if we can just find a label to put out our second
album that is one third hard driving basement boogie,
one third faux Eastern but 10000 miles up experimental
instros, one third wonky ballads, one percent je ne
sais quoi, and zero bullshit.
Sample clips:
Cosmic Metharthasis:

Deep Sea Diver:

Destroyer cover:

Tribute To Sept. 11th:

More videos found here on our YouTube page:

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The Outraged Husbands

And to what pleasure do we owe this 25 cent treasure found all seven inches of in a Powell Street furniture store, hmm? With its’ aquamarine logo that relays label name Psi Records, a trident jutting out betwixt the two words. The label address is 1747 W. 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. The printed phone number of 732-3761, when called, knew no knowledge of this record, catalog number 101. Year unknown. The group was The Outraged Husbands. The song “Zeus Creation” is the sounds of a group of men boisterously chanting along with marching band style orchestration, “We are the men of the nation, we like the ladies in their place, so we say down with the women’s liberation and up with Zeus Creation! We like the girls who wear bikinis, cool chicks are never ever cold…”
What follows next is an endless litany of household chore commands and how, after all that, the women must “look like a doll” when they get home. The song signs off with, “Men! Wonderful men! Sensational men!” And applause. It all clocks in at one minute and fifty four seconds. Flip the record over and it’s the exact same thing. Was this song a tongue-in-cheek response to Women’s Lib or was it a satire on the misogynist response to Women’s Lib? This record seems too out and out ridiculous to be made as a fear based reaction to equality. Still, who or what was this mysterious Zeus Creation?
One large question remains: who made this record?

Vancouver 10 Years Ago/Faux Vancouver/ A Night At The Opera DVD

Ai to the yai yai, it’s my first Blog posting! Will it get me work? Is it supposed to be informal? My foot’s asleep so that’s an affirmative sign in regards to my last question.
I reside in Vancouver, BC and often get asked to contribute to a free music rag here called The Nerve, especially lately as they know that I am currently spending my time waiting between employment insurance cheques. The music editor is an exceedingly charming British ex-pat of exceptional taste, which makes it rather difficult to say “No” even when it means “No.” What follows are two reviews that I recently wrote for this publication. The first review of the Queen DVD is self-explanatory (except to say that White Rock is an all too real suburb located just outside Vancouver where Paul Rodgers really does live). The second is a fake review of a non-existent band. In a way this band, Sourkraut Sunset, does exist as they are a glib pastiche of what is currently “hot” in the International Critics’ Corner regarding the Vancouver music scene. Discussion to follow.

Classic Albums: Queen
The Making Of A Night at the Opera DVD
Eagle Rock Entertainment
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