Deadbeat Poets at SXSW

The Deadbeat Poets will be playing this year's SXSW
Festival at:
Lambert's Patio
401 W. 2nd St.
Austin, Texas

The band goes on at 9:00 pm Thursday, March 13th.
More info on the Deadbeat Poets at:

About The Deadbeat Poets

The Deadbeat Poets were formed in Youngstown, Ohio in
the summer of 2006. The band consists of veteran Ohio
musicians with eclectic credentials: Frank Secich
(Blue Ash, Club Wow, Stiv Bators Band), Terry Hartman
(Backdoor Men, Napoleon In Rags, Terry & The
Tornadoes), Pete Drivere (Infidels, Pretty Demons) and
John Koury (Infidels, Slackjaw). Their debut album
(which was recorded over the first few months of 2007
at Youngstown's Ampreon Recorder) is now available on
Pop Detective Records in America & in Japan on Vivid
Sound Records. Also, making guest appearances on the
album are Bill "Cupid" Bartolin on guitar and Chris
Leonardi on piano and organ.