Colin Blunstone – “One Year” CD (Water)

Just out of the Zombies and uncertain what to do next, lead singer Blunstone experimented with recording pseudonyms and a return to the business world, but on the side he continued to work with Rod Argent and Chris White on a series of stray tracks that in time would become this astonishing record. And a record is very much what it is, a year's recording, a year's stories, and at the end the certainty that this wonderfully warm and husky voice would not be satisfied fielding calls from accounting clients but would remain in the public sphere. Chris Gunning's blithe string arrangements on confections like Denny Laine's "Say You Don't Mind" and the exquisite "Smokey Day" encircle Blunstone with as precise and elegant a frame as any artist could want, with the result one of the most perfect Sunday Morning Albums ever laid on tape. Essential.