XXX Scumbag Party: Volume II of the Collected Angry Youth Comix by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics)

Just when you think the universe of J. Ryan, boy sicko, could not get any more deranged and disgusting (yet endearing!), he comes up with a character like Retarded Hitler, whose wee temper problem is offset by his exception anal love skills. What I like best about AYC is the giddy drawing style and the unbridled imagination that feeds the tales, which whip back upon themselves spewing bodily fluids, solids and unidentifiable filth. This second book-length compendium features a range of Loady McGee and Sinus O’Gynus misadventures, a cameo by Baby Johnson and his, uhm, baby johnson, Boobs Pooter the comic who’s kind of like Neil-Hamburger-as-serial-killer, the erotic thrill of a man in a shit wig, a selection of color cover and back panels, and dozens of spot cartoons your mom won’t be cutting out and putting on the fridge. If you’ve read this far without wincing, you know this is for you.