Those sorrowfully not as fully aware as they certainly should be now of those two most undersung American musical heroes known still as Rick Harper and Tom Staley at last have one fabulous chance to meet them both, right there squarely together again for the next time, on this single great CD from our friends over at HiVariety Recordings.


 1.  INSIDE OUT…..NRBQ head headstrong crosstown atop the (Guess Who?) “Bus Rider.”

 2.  RHINO IN THE ROOM…..startlingly, so subtly so very very R. Harperesque.

 3.  TIME BOMB…..sets every single one’a Jerry Reed’s kissful cousins straight off.

 4.  A THING CALLED LOVE…..Byrds, Buddy, Burritos even Beat big-time!

 5.  THE CANYON IN THE HEART…..If Chris Isaak’s dogs ran free…

 6.  BRAND NEW DAY… absolutely pitch ‘n’ picture-perfect three-minutes-forty-eight.

 7.  ONLY TO LOSE YOU…..the more we hear, the more we know.

 8.  WALKIE TALKIE ROAD…..taken wordlessly towards Papa Nez’s true magnetic southlands.

 9.  MR. SUIT…..and there’s two L’s in Halliburton, just remember… (he’s so heavy)      

10.  EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK…..Magic City music !!

11.  WE NEED LOVE…..if they only knew…

12.  WAITING…..trippin’ round the good day sun.

13.  CALLING YOUR NAME…..while your song gently fades…