Doot Doola Doot Doo…..

     “OH my God!  It’s Nardwuar!
Nardwuar the Human Serviette!
Don’t you know who Nardwuar is?
He’s the biggest freak in the whole of Canada!
He’s like this insane, insane guy.
He’s out of his [expletive deleted] tree!
He’s crazy, but you’d love him.
I can’t explain why!
He’s the biggest freak in the world.
He’s like the Everett True of Vancouver!
You’d love him!”
(Courtney Love)

“You’re funnier than a [even worse expletive deleted] !”
(Snoop Doggy Dogg)

“A National Treasure.”
(Michael Moore)

Happy O Canada Day, everyone !!

But with all due apologetic tips of the ol’ Stetson towards Stompin’ Tom Connors, the Great Wide Northlands now houses an equally brilliant anti-icon against whom such obviously wussy pretenders to the thorn as Stephen Colbert and Ali G most particularly pale so very, very much.

For whether inquiring over the width of Mikhail Gorbachev’s pants, confronting still-dumbest Monkee Peter about toxic tomatoes, or getting extremely jiggy with one of Cynthia’s original Plaster Casts, that truly intrepid reporter-and-then-some Nardwuar (the Human Serviette) has at long last joined the hallowed ranks of Edward R. Murrow, Helen Thomas, and Chuck Barris in the uppermost annals of small-screen journalistic immortality.

Yes, and it’s almost ALL there – five and a half damn hours’ worth! – along with a handy full-colo(u)r Teleguide booklet to boot lovingly all crammed into a deluxe new two-DVD bonanza from those fine folk over at Alternative Tentacles.  Why, you even receive as well actual footage of Nardwuar getting terrifyingly down with his very own garage-bop combo The Evaporators!     

But don’t just take my words for all this:  The Man The Myth The Miracle Himself would also just love to tell us Lost Groovers that, and I do hereby quote, “More DVDs are hopefully coming sometime in soonish!  I have tons of footage to release and if anyone wants a sampling on what that might possibly be unleashed please hop to

Thanks for your time, keep on rawkin in the free world!  And doot doola doot doo…”
To which I can logically only add, “…Doot Doo!