Chamber Strings Reunion Looms

It’s taken ’bout A Month of Sundays, but the soaring orchestral pop genius of the Chamber Strings is about to make its return to the Chicago stage. To celebrate, Glorious Noise has posted part one of a three-part short video documentary about the band, focusing on the early years after Kevin Junior came off the road with Epic Soundtracks.

Celebrate this magnificent return by scaring up tickets for their show at the Double Door on Saturday January 20, or you can sample or purchase both Chamber Strings albums or the earlier Rosehips disc through our partners at Maryatt Music.

Rosehips – Soul Veronique in Parchment

Chamber Strings – Gospel Morning

Chamber Strings – A Month of Sundays

A warm welcome back to one of our favorite underappreciated bands, who may not stay underappreciated for long.