Rare Bob Lind Appearance in LA November 1st

A message from Andrew Earles about a very rare and Lost in the Grooves performance not to be missed!


My good friend DJ Ian Marshall is putting on a show on November 1st at Little Pedro’s with the 1960’s folk rock enigma Bob Lind. This will be Bob’s first gig in Los Angeles in over twenty years and he still sounds fantastic.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bob Lind, he is best known for his big hit song of 1966 “Elusive Butterfly”. Following the success of that single Bob went on to record two exquisite baroque-pop LPs in 1966, “Don’t Be Concerned” and “Photographs of Feeling” with legendary over-the-top producer Jack Nitzsche (famous for his work with Phil Spector and Neil Young). These 2 albums are underrated, unknown classics and must haves for fans of sixties music in the vein of The Left Banke, The Byrds, PF Sloan, early Gordon Lightfoot, Judee Sill, Donovan, Richie Havens, Val Stoecklin, Margo Guryan, Love, Dylan…etc etc… but Lind’s strange poetry, unusual guitar chords and unique vocal-stylings are truly indescribable. A nice CD comp of his material from this period is out-of-print but still findable in used shops- it’s called “You Might Have Heard My Footsteps”. The original LPs are commonly found in the folk section of used record shops in the $1 to $12 range.

In 1971, Lind released another fine album in more of the mellow singer-songwriter vein, with tinges of country rock, entitled “Since There Were Circles”. Guest musicians on these sessions include Gene Clark, Bernie Leadon, Larry Knecthel, Carol Kaye & Hal Blaine. This one is harder to find on LP, but a CD re-issue is in the works.

Bob lives in Florida these days. He has been in and out of retirement as a performer since the 70’s. Please don’t miss this rare chance to see a performance by this extremely gifted and unusual singer-songwriter. DJ Sir Ian of Marshall will be DJ-ing a set of great 60s & 70s obscurities in the folk-rock / baroque vein; so this will be a fun themed party for anyone who likes this sort of thing. This is an early invite- I’ll repost as soon as I have any news on an opening act (if there is one).


Bob Lind appearing at
Little Pedro’s – WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1st
901 East 1st Street (south of Alameda)
Los Angeles, CA 90012 (basically Little Tokyo)
doors 10pm, $8.00 cover charge.