Introducing Litter and Leech !

Direct from the quite-legendarily Unsound Home CD Series, in the above-grand tradition of the magnificent Mungo Jerry, with all the semi-fi glory of the more Scoop-sublime Pete Townshend, and harkening straight back to those distant daze when People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair comes my old media and genre-hopping pal Lord Litter alongside his lifelong right-hand guitarzan Lefty Leech. 

Now together these two raving folkabillies, armed with a mere twelve strings strung up two acoustics between them (plus the odd dash of keys ‘n’ beat here and then there), slap-happily produce a rhythmic revue as wholly unhinged as it is simply unplugged.  And not surprising at all, is it, with just one look at their choice of source material – Marriott/Lane, the Young Springfield, Edmunds and Cash and even John and Paul – decisively proving L & L are more than extremely out on the right channel throughout this bold new socio-musical mission of theirs.

So if you have ever for one moment wondered exactly what those silvery Beatles might sound like if they were still today playing Sunday matinees at the Kaiserkeller or Star Club, Introducing Litter and Leech is the closest any of us may ever truly get to revisiting then recreating, as these two surely have, the rockin’ way the roll used to be …before it became content to wear stars on its brow, that is.

Introduce yourself today then, I say.  Being sure to tell ‘em Gary the Pig sentcha, of course.