Requiem for an almost gentleman

Lee Hazlewood died over the weekend in Henderson, NV, of cancer. His was one of the most extraordinary voices in pop, both for its literal gravelly depths and its psychological nuances. He was subversive and playful and an extraordinarily hard worker, and we’re somewhat less today for having lost him.

Recommended listening: Trouble Is a Lonesome Town, Lee Hazlewoodism Its Cause and Cure, Nancy and Lee, Requiem for an Almost Lady.

Lee Hazlewood/ Porter wagoner- What Ain’t To Be, Just might happen

So like a month or three back this Vancouver based mag called The Nerve wanted to do a primer on what they call “Cozmic Country” and asked me to recommend some records and artists for it. So I did. I reprint them here one by one, and if savvy enough, day by day:
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Lee Hazlewood- Cowboy in Sweden (1970)
Apparently it was Hazlewood