Gary Pig Gold’s Noughtie Twenty-One

Despite an alarming amount of critical mass to (and by) the contrary, there truly was much, much more worth hearing this decade just past than those big Big Star, Beatle, Bob Dylan and even Neil Young box sets.

No, really!

So then, strictly alphabetically speaking as always, here’s what I spent much of January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2009 listening very closely to…..


ApartmentSparkle Bicycle
Waikiki Record (2008)

Tatsuya Namai’s radiant pop of the Daniel Johnston-meets-Shonen Knife variety.


Alex BrennanThe Last Smile Of The Pied Piper (2004)

Hopefully Mr. Brennan will be duly hired to give the Beach Boys’ catalog that Beatles Love treatment when the time inevitably arrives.


Lindsey BuckinghamUnder The Skin
Reprise Records (2006)

Once insane, always insane.


Sympathy For The Record Industry (2000)

Ronnie Spector fronts Elvis’ Attractions …and THEN some!


Casper and the CookiesThe Optimist’s Club
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2006)

What Jason NeSmith and Kay Stanton did on their holidays in New York City.


Cheap TrickRockford
Big3 Records (2006)

Remarkably sounding better – and louder – than ever.


Dennis Diken with Bell SoundLate Music
Cryptovision Records (2009)

The album Brian Wilson has been trying to make since at least 1986.


Johnny DowdWire Flowers: More Songs from the Wrong Side of Memphis
Munich Records (2003)

A sonic sequel to one of the Nineties’ undeniably greatest albums …and artists.


Bob DylanModern Times
Sony/BMG Music Entertainment (2006)

Edges out Christmas In The Heart by a mere Santa whisker.


Electric PrunesFeedback
PruneTwang (2006)

Proving you can have your re-heated soufflé and eat it, too.


Tom JonesMr. Jones
V2 Music (2003)

Wherein Atomic Jones meets Wyclef Jean …by way of “Black Bettyâ€Â !


Bill LloydBack To Even
New Boss Sounds (2004)

Fifteen more examples of most potently powerful pop, Nashville-style.


LolasLike The Sun
Jam Recordings (2007)

Tim Boykin and his ever-bright l-o-l-a Lolas honestly do make the kind of records you still think Paul McCartney does.


Jack PedlerJack Pedler
Race Records (2001)

The sound of the hardest-working drummer in Canada loading all six strings.


The PlaymatesSad Refrain
K.O.G.A. Records (2002)

Forever more than happy to play the Stones against their countrywomen Puffy (AmiYumi)’s Beatles.


Raquel’s BoysMusic For The Girl You Love
Jam Recordings (2004)

Just as if Bobby Fuller and those once Flamin’ Groovies were never ever extinguished.


Jason RingenbergA Day At The Farm with Farmer Jason
Yep Roc Records (2003)

The definitive alternative to alternative country.


Simply SaucerCyborgs Revisited
Sonic Unyon Recording Company (2003)

The nice, nice noise that simply continues to keep on giving.


Frank Lee SpragueMerseybeat
Wichita Falls Records (2005)

Exactly as if Brian Epstein had never entered The Cavern.


Tan SleeveWhite Lie Castle
Cheft Worldwide (2000)

Wherein George Harrison and even F. Zappa receive the Bacharach and David by way of Todd Rundgren treatment.


Teenage HeadTeenage Head with Marky Ramone
Sonic Unyon Recording Company (2008)

Canada’s Ramones finally reunited with their very-long-lost brudder.




Bring On the Twenty-Oh-Teens !!!

Ten You May Have Missed In 2008

If any of the following remarkable sounds
got lost from your grooves last year,

by all means
hesitate no longer
in lending both ears repeatedly


1. APARTMENT Sparkle Bicycle
(Waikiki Record)

Smokin’ and Drinkin’
(Black Sparrow Records)

3. JOHNNY DOWD A Drunkard’s Masterpiece
(BongoBeat Records)

(Pink Hedgehog Records)

5. THE GRIP WEEDS Infinite Soul
(Wicked Cool Record Co.)

6. JOE SOKO Floss Like A Beast
(Fuzzy Planet Productions)

7. THE SPONGETONES Always Carry On
(Loaded Goat Records)

8. FRANK LEE SPRAGUE Fulton Chateau
(Wichita Falls Records)

Feel The Sun
(Rocket Racket Records)

10. TEENAGE HEAD Teenage Head With Marky Ramone
(Sonic Unyon Recording Company)



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Cruel Words

  I long ago discovered that the quickest way to get Lost In The Grooves is to take Johnny Dowd all the way down to The Wrong Side of Memphis.

But if that was indeed Then,  and Now is Here,
I find on The Pig Player today this particular JD’s Latest and Possibly Greatest creation  (so far, that is):

It’s called Cruel Words, it’s fresh out on Holland’s very own Munich Records,
and shall be available on this side of the biggest muddy come June care of the bountiful-and-Then-some Bongo Beat label.

in the meantime however,
Allow me to partake in a little game of virtual Cruel Word Association with the titles of this disc’s fourteen Required Listens:

 1. HOUSE OF PAIN…..Play that Funky Music, cowboy!!

 2. MIRACLES NEVER HAPPEN…..Elvis’ Mysterious Train has Left the Station.

 3. PRAISE GOD… Johnny comes Rolling Home.

 4. UNWED MOTHER…..“Billie Jean v. 06”

 5. CRADLE OF LIES…..Stretching from California to the Jersey Shore.

 6. DING DONG…..Is that someone at The Doors?

 7. FINAL ENCORE…..a Rare and Intriguing Peek backstage at this (or last) (or
     next) year’s Grammys

 8. WILDER THAN THE WIND ’66…..truly Too Cool for Words.

 9. DRUNK…..Who once sang, you can go sleep at home tonight, Johnny, if
     you can get up and walk away.

10. POVERTY HOUSE…..We’ve ALL got room there.

11. CORNER LAUNDROMAT…..Spins a dry cycle of (the OTHER) Brian Wilson’s
      “My Solution,” by way of our sweet Jon Lord.

12. ANXIETY…..our Working Class Hero’s special affliction.

13. WORLD OF HIM… we merrily take the Last Waltz to War!

14. JOHNNY B. GOODE…..The original War Pig?!!