Emitt Rhodes photo bonanza

E- is for Emerals, his first band

M- is for melody, and ain’t his sweet

I- is for Id (see his interview in Scram #18)

T- is for tempo, which the multi-instrumentalist kept

T- is for tape, which when rolling can capture gems


R- is for "Really Wanted You," which is pretty near perfect

H- is for Hawthorne, his hometown

O- is for "Only Lovers Decide," little heard but loverly

D- is for daisy, daisy fresh to be precise

E- is for easy, because he makes it look that way

S- is for sixties and seventies, when he recorded mainly emitt rhodes on phone.jpg

Put em all together and they spell EMITT RHODES, a good friend of the Scram gang, and subject of one of our more jaw-droppingly frank interviews. In honor of Emitt, we’ve created a gallery of rare photos from his personal archives up on flickr, which you may peruse at leisure. Many of these only appeared in Scram #18, and others have never been publically seen at all–including a few from a roll of unprinted slide film circa 1968. Thanks, Emitt, for all the great pix! And if you like deliriously catchy melodic pop, you owe it to your ears to pick up his disks, in thrift stores or import CDs.