The Grave Robber’s Daughter by Richard Sala (Fantagraphics Books)

Attention all psychotic teenagers, abusive fathers, and killer clowns: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a ’72 Datsun. Nothing can stop her. Not even you. The proof is in this comic book. What seems to begin as a predictable “damsel in distressâ€Â story about a potty-mouthed hottie named Judy Drood looking for a working phone in the abandoned town of Obidiah’s Glen, soon turns into a “how toâ€Â guide for surviving a gangbang in a haunted circus fairground. There is no hero to the rescue there and there doesn’t need to be. Fortunately for Judy there is one semi-sane human being in the town, a little girl named Nellie Kelly. They don’t become friends, but perhaps the mutual understanding that they both had shitty parents inspires them to want to protect each other in the midst of all the magic bottles, possessed dolls, mad ghosts, stab wounds, split skulls and splattered blood. Is there a moral to the story? Don’t be mean to girls.