Victor Bravo – Shut Out The Sky CD-EP

Victor Bravo is a stripped-down garage rock juggernaut of Collin Frendz on fuzzy guitar and echoey howl-at-the-moon vocals and Dan Collins on twitchy drums. Tracks 1-3 are terrific, swaggering snot-nosed anthems in the tradition of rural pissed-off teens from 1966 on. “Binge” is an irresistibly Dionysian release, though “Sarbanes-Oxley” (named for the 2002 corporate accounting reform act) is hardly a typical lowbrow theme. Closes with the throwaway sneer of “Toxic Tornado,” weakening the effect of the rest of the EP. The band is now based in NYC, but has roots in Maine that I hope they keep watered.

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