Popeye Volume one

This made my week! Fantagraphics is again reprinting the Popeye strips, last ones have been out of print for so long, and what with new technological scanning techniques these ones will look even nicer! First volume coming out in September, gonna be six hard cover volumes total (pray for soft cover) B & W dailies and colour Sundays.



If all you know of Popeye is everything BUT the original strips by creator E.C Segar then you are in for a treat and a surprise as the Popeye you know is but a mere shadow of his former actual self. these original strips feature actual subtleties, ruddy hardknock living, massive absurdity on a small scale, a large cast of nuanced characters, hevvy wordplay, and continuing rollicking adventures replete with punchlines!
These volumes will be starting with Popeyes’ first appearance in Thimble Theatre (that was the actual name of the strip which began years before Popeye even appeared) in 1930 and culminating with the last of the great E.C Segar’s strips before his death in 1938.