July fourth Toilet YouTube footage

Ladies and gentleman,
We have started uploading vids from our massive
archive dating back 13 years!
July Fourth Toilet is a musically performative project
I’ve been heavily involved in as a founding member
where our mandate is to always have a differently
themed show!
Lots of info in the sidebar of the links provided.
And here with recordings:

Now if we can just find a label to put out our second
album that is one third hard driving basement boogie,
one third faux Eastern but 10000 miles up experimental
instros, one third wonky ballads, one percent je ne
sais quoi, and zero bullshit.
Sample clips:
Cosmic Metharthasis:

Deep Sea Diver:

Destroyer cover:

Tribute To Sept. 11th:

More videos found here on our YouTube page:

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