Meadow House – Tongue Under A Ton of Nine Volters CD (Alcohol)

Meadow House is young British broadcaster and one-man-band Dan Wilson, the host and fried brains behind "The Exciting Hellebore Shew" on Resonance FM. On his debut album the psych of a sweet nutter is channeled and detourned over the course of eighteen energetic and quite batty tracks. To American ears, this sort of oddball British psych inevitably evokes Syd Barrett and Robyn Hitchcock, but there’s always room on my shelves for such an inventive, confident and naturally melodic composer. At times the sound is playful and childlike, at others so chaotic, anxious and boozy to be terrorizing, but if you’re going to spend time with seemingly schizophrenic popsters you gotta take the sweet with the ouch. I especially dig the iconoclastic holiday hymn stylings of "All Petty Substance Flee." Several dopey disco tracks are less interesting. For purchasing info, see the bottom of this blog post.

The Orgone Box & more

The Orgone Box’ self-titled debut is a Lost in the Grooves exclusive. We are also pleased to feature the follow up, “Things That Happened Then.” Click to sample the music or purchase.

The Orgone Box
The Orgone Box
(Minus Zero UK, 2001)

Too many bedroom bands drink at the trough of Evolution and Revolver, fire up the old four-track and seek to replicate same, with results typically stiff, unconvincing and a trifle embarrassing. But not this time. Rick Corcoran is the real thing: a massively skilled sixties-influenced songwriter who doesn