Just Say YES !!

    Time for another round of Virtual Musical Word Association!

Wherein we join Mr. Fandango himself Jason NeSmith as he and main cookie Kay S. Stanton, d.b.a. Casper & The Cookies, spend Some Time in gray New York City and live to return to Athens to sing and play for us all about it.

Yes, The Optimist’s Club is the name of this most positive disc in question;  but Hurry and order your very own copy so as to grab the accompanying limited-offer mini graphic novel, overly optimistic bonus CDR, sticker and button set and maybe even tasty CookieShirt to boot (mine was an absolutely Tee-rrific 100% heavy cotton Honduran Fruit-o-the-Loom in stunning day-glo green and pink!!)   

so Let the Crumbling begin…..

1.  KRÖTENWANDERUNG…..makes Sheryl eat crow!

2.  KISS A FRIEND…..You Boettcher Life, to be perfectly curt.


4.  DuCHAMP’S CAMERA…..the better to capture all the subway’s shooting stars…

5.  SID FROM CENTRAL PARK…..”Ring tha bell.  Hold it up to ya ear.  Now make ya wish.  You’re learning bell music – any language.”

6.  HEY MR. SUPERSTAR…..How To Succeed In Music Business, in a mere five-minutes-twenty-four!

7.  LEARN HOW TO DISAPPEAR…..coz Some people really have to go…

8.  THE OPTIMIST’S CREDO…..L-u-v means never having to say No.

9.  NEO DADA HEY DAY…..Friends, busy doin’ nothin’, went to sleep with a little bird at my window as radio plays wind chimes

10.  SEA FINGERS…..T. Hex !

11.  THINGS TO DO BEFORE WE DIE…..Casper’s List.