Required Viewing !


sUite Slice of poP Pie

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


 1. SLEEPY HEAD  (2:24)   Acid-eating Ramones 

 2. IT’S LOVE  (5:17)   Bangles open The Doors

 3. TREE HOUSE  (3:45)   extremely Electric Prunes

 4. DON’T GET FOOLED (by the man)  (3:56)   wholly Boyce & Hart-felt

 5. JUST ANOTHER RAINY DAY  (2:16)   Cliff Richard and the Shadows of Knight   

 6. MAYBE SOME OTHER DAY  (2:58)   The Association of Herman’s Hermits

 7. WHY I CRY  (4:24)   Dino, Desi, and the Billy Cramps

 8. WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 13  (4:22)   The Count 5ive be Damned

 9. LIGHT OF THE SUN  (2:02)   Raquel’s Beach Boys

10. STILL LOVE YOU  (5:14)   The Lemon Jefferson Pipers

11. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT LOVING YOU  (2:40)  Harper’s still Bizarre !!


All songs written, recorded, produced and performed by Bill Rogers
Copyright 2004