Sub-publishing for bands and labels

Lost in the Grooves now offers full-service sub-publishing

Bands/labels – are you missing out on overseas (or domestic) royalties? If you can answer yes to the following questions, we may be able to help you. We have skilled sub-publishers in every part of the world who are very experienced in claiming lost monies owed for live performances (also called Neighboring Rights), record sales and any licensing done outside the US.

If these facts are true for you, please drop a line to Kim c/o this site to find out what we can do for you and/or your artists

1) Does the band/label have no other publishing deal?

2) Has (or will) the band / label release or distribute CD/LPs in any part of the world?

3) Has the band played shows in Europe or Japan?

4) Has the band/label had a song in a major motion picture or TV series released overseas?

5) Has the above happened within the past five years?

6) Can you provide writer/publisher information and (for tours), dates and venues?

If so, we can collect overseas royalties and account semi-annually. We can also collect for the US/Canada on request. The fee is a flat 25% for all foreign collections, 20% in the USA, and your first royalty payments will usually be received within nine months to one year of registration.