Lost in the Grooves is an anthology, edited by myself and David Smay celebrating several hundred great, underappreciated records.

The Lost in the Grooves website is the book’s digital face, where the celebration extends to offering some of those hard-to-find and out-of-print recordings for purchase, as MP3s or physical CDs. The site will also feature other wonderful, neglected music not featured in the book.

LITG music is licensed directly from the artists, and they are paid for every track sold. And due to our partnership with Maryatt Music Group, you might even hear some of these tracks on soundtracks or in ads.

We are honored to be able to help get the word out about these remarkable artists, and to share their songs with you.

To explore the catalogue, including song samples, visit the Music Store. To learn more about the artists, the book and the critics whose picks fill it, poke around this site. We’ll be adding new artists and blogs regularly, and welcome your comments and recommendations, here on the site or in the community forum.

Thanks for visiting Lost in the Grooves, and for supporting independent musicians.

-Kim Cooper, Editrix, Lost in the Grooves & Scram Magazine