Part one

These are brief excerpts from some of the essays in the Lost in the Grooves anthology, with links to available reissues. If you dig what you see here, please buy the book!

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The Action – Brain aka Rolled Gold

(Recorded 1967-68, released Parasol, 2002) The Action swiped songcraft from Curtis Mayfield and Holland/Dozier/Holland and assurance from entertaining fickle London mods, but sound here as if they’d been marinating in mescaline on the Strip…. As the songs flash past, the critic hears innocent wonder, loneliness in the middle of a gigantic youth culture and the rolling clang of cash registers. London label execs heard no such, and the Action died in an attar sweeter than the Zombies. (Ron Garmon)

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Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier (Epic, 1980)