Blue Ash At Barrow Civic Theater January 17TH!


Blue Ash members Frank Secich, Bill “Cupid” Bartolin, Jim Kendzor, Jeffrey Rozniata & Bobby Darke will be playing in concert at the Barrow Civic Theater in Franklin, PA on January 17th. Also, on the bill are the Max Schang Blues Band & Ransom. Ticket informatiom and details are above.
Blue Ash’s debut album “No More, No Less” has also just been reissued on CD by Collectors’ Choice.

Blue Ash Special Bonus CD’s!

Blue Ash Special Bonus CD’s!

There will be a special limited free bonus CD when ordering Blue Ash’s “No More, No Less” from Not Lame or Kool Kat Musik. The Not Lame bonus CD will feature unreleased songs from 1973 that were done “live” in Peppermint Studios.

The tracks are:
Hippy, Hippy Shake
(Chan Romero)
Baby You Lied
(Secich- Bartolin)
Now All You’ve Got Is You
She Cried For 15 years
One After 909
I Thought I Knew You
Say Goodbye
Give Me Love
Paper Bag Blues
Be My Girl
When I Get You
Make It Easy

The bonus CD album with Kool Kat Musik will feature a “live” performance
of 12 songs recorded on January 31, 1974 at the Packard Music Hall in Warren, Ohio! The band was opening for the Raspberries at this show – and, as you’ll hear, they definitely had
their “game face” on as they rock through these covers and originals:

Hippy Hippy Shake
One After 909
Do You Love Me
Anytime At All
Start All Over Again
Plain To See
What Can I Do For You
She’s So Nice
Baby Baby Come On
All I Want
Twist and Shout
My Generation

It must be noted that this is an audience recording (the
only type that exists according to the band) that, while not
of the highest audio quality, captures
the band at a magical moment in their career, and serves as
an archival testament to the power they exhibited as a live
band! You’ll still be awfully
glad you snagged this little piece o’ Power Pop

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Garland's self-titled debut CD is a featured Lost in the Grooves release. Click here to sample the music or purchase.

Garland cover

Garland was recently selected by store staff for Amoeba Music's Homegrown series, where a a notable local act is promoted with in-store displays and ads in local papers. With their stunning vocals, shoegaze guitar shimmer and fragile electronic ballads, Garland's sound is rich, emotive and distinctively its own.

You can visit with Garland on MySpace here.

Garland live at Casa in downtown Los Angeles, December 2009

Juviley – How to Miss The Ground

Juviley's debut CD How to Miss The Ground is a featured Lost in the Grooves release. Click here to sample the music or purchase.

Juviley cover

Juviley is the project of Israeli musician Or Zubalsky, who toured widely with Israel's leading indie acts Shy Nobleman, Geva Alon, Daphna & The Cookies. At 21, he began writing his own songs, and revealed a tender, delicate sensibility far removed from the stereotypical dumb drummer. Inspired by the chamber pop of Brian Wilson, Nick Drake and Belle and Sebastian, on his debut album How To Miss The Ground Or plays nearly every instrument himself. With its heartbreaking simplicity, bittersweet melodies and thoughtful arrangements it creates a unique, dreamlike atmosphere. Once the record was completed, Or moved to New York City, where he plays regularly, in clubs and on the streets.

The critics love Juviley's How To Miss The Ground. Palebear muses, "I sort of needed this album to right my sanity… beautiful, pastoral… equal parts Kings of Convenience, Mojave 3 and Belle and Sebastian." And Caroline Leonardo says it's "an articulate collection of songs sure to warm your soul with pleasant melodies and story-like lyrics… an acoustic dream with the kind of tunes that'll lift your spirits during a rainy day… [it] is one of those rare debuts that carry a lot of clout. This well orchestrated album comes off gentle and well meaning without being pretentious or overbearing in the way that it's so simple and true. Indie pop has never sounded so good."

You can also visit with Juviley on MySpace.

Blue Ash Song In Film Trailer For New Liv Tyler Movie

Blue Ash’s song “Can’t Get Her Off My Mind” appears at 1:51 of the trailer. It was written by Frank Secich & Bill Bartolin and performed by Blue Ash.”Smother” is a soon to be released
comedy starring Liv Tyler, Dax Shepard
and Diane Keaton.

Here’s the link!