Los Chijuas

Don't know much about this band yet, and almost don't want to, just to keep the mystery intact. Excellent, odd psychedelia from Mexico. Got hipped to them via their track, "Changing the Colors of Life," on the Nuggets II box set. Took me a few years after hearing that to follow up and dig deeper, and now that I have I am a better person for it. Their late 60s album El Esquimal is cool and weird and mind-bending. The title track is a rollicking, Spanish-language version of Dylan's "The Mighty Quinn." Another cover, and perhaps the most trippy moment on the record, is their take on The Zombies's "I Love You," read as, of course, "Te Quiero" – the opening to that track is grand psychedelia and when the melody kicks in it's all trips and hooks. Several originals surround these covers, including the Spanish version of "Changing the Colors" (English language version appears on Nuggets II) and others, some of which are throwaway but a few of them gems. I know I'll eventually go in and try to find out more about this great and strange band, but for now I'm going to keep rocking El Esquimal and just ride with the enigma and with the groove.

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