Thanks to Duggi, the bass player from Smiley, we now know more about the band and the fascinating fact that they nearly became The Creation Mark IV!
The original review was posted on September 11th 2007, but I have uploaded the tracks again here for convenience sake.

From the man himself, who also sent the Smiley photo.

“Maybe you can make out the name Creation written on floor…We were going to go out as The Creation and adopt their image/music…it all kinda fell apart for Smiley… We signed a 10 year contract with Shel Talmy/ Shelbush organisation, who promised to release two singles per year, but it never happened. While we were playing at Top Ten Club in Hamburg ,a record scout Paul Murphy spotted us and we met with the then music director of BASF in Germany…Ralf Arni (think this right spelling) who wrote the song “Tulips from Amsterdam” (Max Bygraves!!!). They wanted to sign us under a fantastic recording deal (well was then), however The Shel Talmy Organisation wouldn’t let us leave, and we were cast into the wilderness…no recording possibilities…the band decided to make money we would have to change and be a cabaret band, (something I personally hated) so I left the band and they carried on for around another yearâ€Â

Smiley line up: John Ryan -vocals, Billy Fogg – drums, Peter Richardson – Guitar, Robert (Bob) Garner – Guitar, Douglas Dickson –Bass

Click on title for edits of I Know What I Want and Penelope

Thanks Duggi!

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