Return From Utrecht (part 3)

Once again, Phew!

Just back from 2 days of walking up and down the huge hall at the Utrecht Record Fair, picking up singles along the way. I Came back with 57 singles, some real cracking discoveries in this lot…

Above you can see a Swedish copy of Son Of My father. Now, I know we had rely on Israel to beat the Russians for a chance to get to the European finals, but we’re not really that bad, or…are we? More probably it was an interesting comment by our Swedish friends on the state of the economy at the time and the three day week.

Here is a rundown of the pick of the bunch. You’re all welcome to make requests for the next reviews and sound clips from this lot…

Hard Horse -Let It Ride

Chris Hodge -We’re On Our Way

Pete Dunton -Making Time ( late Pop/psych number with a great Dave Edmunds production)

House of Lilly -Turn Around (incredible rocking Swiss!!! single from ’73)

Zingara -Mary Lee (pretty horrible first single, nothing like the great Girl Girl Girl)

Trifle -Devil Comin’ (7.45!)

Frame -Keep Those Blues On The Run (good Glam/pop 2-sider)

Blue Rock -Bye Bye Johnny (B side is more interesting)

Left Side -Mamma Mia

Shakane -Birmingham

Spunky Spider -You Won’t ComeYES, FINALLY!!!!

Pat Boone!!!-Little Honda (Pat goes Surf, Terry Melcher/ Bruce Johnston B side)

HMK -Delirious ([Perhaps Gary Holton‘s greatest moment)

The Panics -Superwoman

Santa Maria -Elle (French band from ’71 -absolutely killer fuzzed up psych/Pop B side)

Black Swan -Da Ga De Li Da

Rocky Underground -Groovy

Lemming -Good Morning

Kincade -Jenny Jenny (John Carter)

Edgar Broughton Band -Apache Drop Out ( forgot just how incredibly bizzare and brilliant this is )

Hot Rod Formula -Heavy Chevy (no car noises and a bit too discotheque for me, great sleeve)

Buzz -Mony Mony (the Buzz who did The Rock roller coaster, Great punked out B side)

BoogaLoo Band -Cadillac (The Vince Taylor number, similar to the Renegades‘ arrangement)

Teddy Palmer And The Rumble Band -Teddy Bear (exhuberant Glammed Up version)

Bryan Evans -Hold Tight! (late Glam version of the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick And Titch number)

6 different Teens singles,!

plus more spares/ upgrades and a few dodgy singles!

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