(Read Part One here). I don’t know what it is about SIN 34, and why I come back to their recordings every few years. They were perhaps the first speed/thrash/burn punk band that ever connected with me during my teenage late-night listening sessions with “Maximum Rock and Roll Radioâ€Â, even before Black Flag or Minor Threat. Generic-by-the-numbers early 80s LA hardcore, with the added curveball of female singer “Julieâ€Â, SIN 34 at times had this ability to leapfrog the genre & throw in some burning, stop-start hooks that got testosterone-fueled limbs flailing and bodies flying. I know that their name made it to Pee-Chees and Army surplus jackets even at my Northern California high school – but then again, so did “China Whiteâ€Â, “TSOLâ€Â and “The Adictsâ€Â. In SoCal, they had a much higher profile, due to band member Dave Markey’s involvement with WE GOT POWER fanzine and friendly connections with RED CROSS and Smoke Seven records. Only one 7â€ÂEP and one (quite lame, save for 3-4 tracks) LP made it out, but I’ve cherry-picked the band’s winners for you. Read a whole lot more about SIN 34 here and here.

Play or Download SIN 34 – “Nuclear Warâ€Â (from 1982 “Sudden Deathâ€Â compilation LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Left Waitingâ€Â (from 1983 “Do You Feel Safe?â€Â LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Forgive and Forgetâ€Â (from 1983 “Do You Feel Safe?â€Â LP)
Play or Download SIN 34 – “Notâ€Â (from 1983 “We Got Powerâ€Â compilation LP)

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