If I “collect” any band, it’s THE FLESH EATERS. Any time I get any new unearthed rarity of theirs, I’ll share it here. Previously I posted some live tracks of theirs from a December 1982 KPFK radio session, a video of the “Minute To Pray…”-era Flesh Eaters from YouTube, and their incredible live version of “River of Fever” from a flexi included with a 1982 issue of TAKE IT! fanzine. The show that gave us the latter song was recorded on July 17th, 1982 at a Detroit punk club called Clutch Cargo’s, home of many a Negative Approach and Die Kreuzen show. The Flesh Eaters opened for Chicago melodi-punks THE EFFIGIES, and almost certainly blew them out of the water.

Wait, you can actually hear it for yourself, because I have procured top-secret access to the entire show. Here are three tracks from that night in Detroit in the balm of a Michigan summer – listen and learn as the “Forever Came Today”-era Flesh Eaters show a generation of punks how it’s done.

Play or Download THE FLESH EATERS – “Pray Til You Sweat” (live 7-17-82 Detroit)
Play or Download THE FLESH EATERS – “Hand of Glory” (live 7-17-82 Detroit)
Play or Download THE FLESH EATERS – “Every Time I Call Your Name” (live 7-17-82 Detroit)

A Hardboiled Classic and other flotsam…

The mystery/crime section never fails to amaze. Expect fewer and fewer posts as I lose myself in the pleasure reading of titles like The Sudoku Murders.

Spike’s new series The Kill Point seems to have Wire fans in mind, as it features no less than four players from THE GREATEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER, including Michael J. Williams (â€ÂOmarâ€Â). Also, catch this: It’s good.

What was in my PO Box today: Reissues of both The Young Marble Giants’ Colossal Youth and The Fire Engines’ Hungry Beat (a discography of sorts). And some crappy metal from Century Media.

Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased a copy of The Best American Mystery Stories…until the other day. The 2006 version, edited by cigar-eater (I’m guessing) Scott Turow, is saved by the incredible writing of Scott Wolven, Jeff Somers, William Harrison, and Joyce Carol Oates. I shall pay $0.86 a piece for installments from previous years.


The Deadbeat Poets “Notes From The Underground”

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The Deadbeat Poets
Pete Drivere, Terry Hartman, Frank Secich & John Koury

Now available at https://www.popdetective.com

The Deadbeat Poets were formed in Youngstown, Ohio in the summer of 2006. The band consists of veteran Ohio musicians with eclectic credentials: Frank Secich (Blue Ash, Club Wow, Stiv Bators Band), Terry Hartman (Backdoor Men, Napoleon In Rags, Terry & The Tornadoes), Pete Drivere (Infidels, Pretty Demons) and John Koury (Infidels, Slackjaw). Their debut album (which was recorded over the first few months of 2007 at Youngstown’s Ampreon Recorder) will be released on Pop Detective Records in July of 2007 and in late summer in Japan on Vivid Sound Records. Also, making guest appearances on the album are Bill “Cupid” Bartolin on guitar and Chris Leonardi on piano and organ.

Soon, you’ll be able to sit back and relax (pop the top and set the sail) as the Deadbeat Poets take you on a timely journey. To such places…. romantic places like Beaver Falls (via Mahoningtown) you’ll go. You’ll travel to the exotic northside of Youngstown, Cleveland, the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Toronto, Geneva-On-The-Lake, New York, LA, London, the far reaches of outer space, Paris, Mt. Pilot, The Bering Sea, St. Paul and of course Buffalo, NY. You’ll meet fun lovin’, sex-crazed aliens in “The Truth About Flying Saucers”. You’ll hear the tale of the legendary Ray Robinson who once roamed the dark, back-country roads of Western, PA in “The Green Man”. You’ll encounter semi-romantic mountain men and their passions in “Ernest T” and ride along with Stiv Bators as he once terrorized the western world in “The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour”. You’ll find out the connection between Ernest Hemmingway and Gertrude Stein and French bidets in “Where Was I When I Needed Me?”. You’ll raise glasses and bottles with the lads in “No Island Like The Mind, No Ship Like Beer” and be sadly disappointed by gangsters and thieves as “The Goody Wagon” never arrives. If floating in a psychedelic flutter is your inclination then “What Part Of Cognitive Dissonance Don’t You Understand?” will probably be your cup of tea. Then again, you may find that after all of this …..well that “It’s Nothing” to you. Then again, you may start getting “A Funny Little Feeling” that you will enjoy the Deadbeat Poets.

AVAILABLE NOW! https://www.popdetective.com


Songs included are :

The Truth About Flying Saucers
The Green Man
What Part Of Cognitive Dissonance Don’t You Understand?
A Funny Little Feeling
No Island Like The Mind, No Ship Like Beer
(T. Hartman-L. Hartman)
The Goody Wagon
Where Was I When I Needed Me?
Ernest T
The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour
It’s Nothing

More about the Deadbeat Poets & sound clips at:

Barry Green –Papa Do

Barry Green –Papa Do/Boomerang –Decca F.13282 (1974 UK)

Barry Green is in fact Barry Blue and both sides of the single were co-written by Rubin (AKA Linsey De Paul). Papa Do is a fun commercial ditty, but with a nice fuzz part and engaging heavy pounding . Lynsey also released the song, but the ultimate killer version can be found on Cardinal Point‘s LP (Philips) where the performance is a dead ringer for Galahad’s Rocket Summer (Bell)

Click on title for an edit of Papa Do


The rightful heiress to the spirit of Neutron Bomb/Babylonian Gorgon Los Angeles punk of the late 70s probably doesn’t even know she’s directly descended from it, but oh my friends – she is. Chicago’s MISS ALEX WHITE AND THE RED ORCHESTRA now have their second excellent CD under their belts with the release of a new one this year called “SPACE & TIMEâ€Â on In The Red. For about the first eight or nine songs, it’s hands-down one of the best records of the year, then loses a little steam before finishing up in the Top 15 nonetheless. It’s a little more varied than the first CD of theirs – which I wrote about here – in the sense that tempos are all over the proverbial map & straddling all manner of punk styles. Kinda like a lot of those wacky Masque punks of Darby Crash’s day – your UXAs, your Metrosquads, your Howard Werths, your Controllers – even your early punk-era GO-GOs (check the bouncy girl-group pop of “She Wannaâ€Â if you don’t believe me). I saw them play a few of these songs live last year and knew it’d be a good record, but it’s even better than that. I’m going to post a couple for you here, but you might want to think about skipping that and clicking here instead.

Play or Download MISS ALEX WHITE & THE RED ORCHESTRA – “In The Snowâ€Â
Play or Download MISS ALEX WHITE & THE RED ORCHESTRA – “Future Talkâ€Â