You want to hear two total killers from late in the first punk era? Right here, right now? OK, first I’ll grant access to THE VAMPS’ “Carving Knifeâ€Â, a great NY Dolls-like stomper from San Antonio in 1980. It missed all the Killed By Death comps somehow but it’s as raw & unhinged as anything on there. These guys opened for the Sex Pistols at “Randy’s Rodeoâ€Â down there – remember those scenes from “D.O.A.â€Â? Second up is “Amateur Surgeonâ€Â from Buffalo, NY’s THE VORES, a 1978 high-tempo scooter with some nutty lyrics about medical accidents. Both unheralded classics. Download them for your homemade “KBD alternatesâ€Â CD-R comp.

Play or Download THE VAMPS – “Carving Knifeâ€Â
Play or Download THE VORES – “Amateur Surgeonâ€Â

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