One of my favorite tracks of the past year is “Reputationâ€Â from an LA mersh-garage act called THE ETTES. They say that they are a cross between “Nancy Sinatra + The Stooges + Thee Headcoats + Thee Headcoatees + The Strokes + The Sonics + The Rolling Stones + Compulsive Gamblers + Patsy Clineâ€Â. Well there’s at least a few ringers in there, aren’t there? So I got the CD and I wasn’t particularly thrilled by it – but I’ll admit I probably need to give it another spin or two before reflexively chucking it. But “Reputationâ€Â is a wowzer. Loud, over-amped multitracked vocals, a killer set of riffs, SIMPLY SAUCER-ish “space soundsâ€Â, and all knocking by in under two minutes. A great one, one that it’s hard not to play over and over and over. I’m certain you’ll agree.

Play or Download THE ETTES – “Reputationâ€Â (from “Shake The Dustâ€Â CD)

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