We have the Ford family. What do you have?

This post is for non-regional readers.  

Yes, there’s the snappy, likeable but confusing Harold Jr., but the remaining members of his family make for an illiterate and corrupt addition to my local news on an almost nightly basis. I hope that the book is epic and done right.

Please read about and listen to the ridiculous rant that Ophelia Ford barfed out earlier this week. Funny, I get the same thing yelled in my face when seeking help at a T-Mobile outlet. Anemia? Sure, whatever spins your way, but it also seems that Mizz Ford suffers from a bad case of C.P.T., and proves that her true calling may have been the JC Penney returns counter.

The evidence is in, so I’m not afraid to ask it: Is it possible for an African American to rise to political rank in Tennessee without becoming unbelievably corrupt? Again, remove Harold Jr. from the equation, and the answer is a resounding “noâ€Â. I’d love to read someone’s defense of this trend. Lay it on me. Our Mayor? Holy Moses!! This man suggested the SELLING OF OUR PARKS as a solution to the city’s debt problem, and that’s Willie Herrington on a good day. Edmond Ford? John Ford? These nuts regularly run people off of the road, sexually harass interns and underlings, threaten people with bodily harm, take bribes, publicly cheat on their spouses….the list goes on and on. The head of our power company (Memphis Light Gas and Water)??? He allowed a Ford family member to lapse on his bill….to the tune of $16,000.00!!! If you are a Wire fan, let it be known that Tennessee’s (and primarily Memphis’) political issues are almost identical to the ones fictionalized on that show.

Are white politicians any better? Of course not, but we don’t have white politicians (except for Warren Zevon fanatic Sen. Steve Cohen), so I run with the available material. When I come to power, however that may happen, I will sentence the Ford family to a year of ruling Olympia, WA.

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