Missteps. I love missteps.

It’s bedtime. I’m in no condition to be writing IN MY WAAAAH IN MY WAAAAH IN MY BLOG. Here are some creative mistakes that bring a great big smile to my incredibly handsome face:

1. Illbient -  When you have a genre spearheaded by a man that subheads his already perfect-storm-of-stupid moniker with “That Subliminal Kidâ€Â, well, you have a pretentious (yet mercifully brief) movement that is deservedly slotted to wash through the cracks of music history, hopefully never to return. Say it to yourself: “ILLBIENTâ€Â “ILLBIENTâ€Â “ILLBIENTâ€Â

2. The Black Dahlia – It takes real talent to fuck up a story/book quite this bad. DePalma deserves to be locked in a room with the Yoko Ono boxed set!!! Un-f*cking-believable!!! I gave the seven foot tall “daddy-oâ€Â of noir James Ellroy a ride to the airport once. What a walking cartoon.

3. Paris, Texas – Wim Wenders is officially my OVERRATED DIRECTOR OF THE WEEK. Paris, Texas? Uh, I have shit to do this afternoon…can’t make it. â€ÂOh wow, watch how he utilizes space and silence!!â€Â Yeah, watch nothing happen for the sake of a flimsy story. Check Puh-leeeeeze!!! No more movies for people that f*ck to NPR!!!!



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