Things that happened in the last week:My sister …

Things that happened in the last week:

  • My sister had a birthday. Happy birthday, Jenn!;
  • She called from Brazil, where she is visiting her husband’s family;
  • SXSW rolled through Austin, bringing many out-of-town friends;
  • I ate bbq twice with some of these out-of-town friends, including the ultra-cool Maud Newton and the mysterious man known only as Mr. Maud;
  • My parents visited and we played Cities and Knights of Catan not once, but twice;
  • My in-laws visited and gave/sold us a brand-new Prius;
  • We spent time with in-town friends who we don’t see nearly as often as we should;
  • We watched Borat;
  • I worked on the book.

I think that’s it. All of these deserve more words, but my words are all committed to other projects at the moment.

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