Back in the 80s I used to read Gerard Cosloy’s CONFLICT magazine so intently that his bands, the ones I’d never even heard, often became my bands, and since he incessantly and most often deservingly hyped up the ones he dug, I knew their ins & outs pretty well. One I always wanted to hear was DIG DAT HOLE. They were often described in Conflict’s pages as being a wild-ass BIRTHDAY PARTY-inspired antecedent, very much in the same school as some other great bands of the day like the Laughing Hyenas and Pussy Galore. They actually imploded even before they got a 45 out the door, and all that ever existed from them was a single cassette tape (pictured here) and an aborted LP, neither of which I’ve heard in their entirety. The story I got from the interweb says that 2 of the guys moved to NYC and quickly started COP SHOOT COP. They were interesting for about ten minutes in 1990, weren’t they?

So here it is in 2007 and I’ve procured a solitary song of theirs from the cassette and aborted LP called “A Similar End”, and – whoa. Absolutely fucking scorch. This has aged like a bottle of fine barleywine, and blows away a fair majority of the musical landscape between 1987 and 2007, wouldn’t you say? Wow.

Download DIG DAT HOLE – “A Similar End” (from tape and aborted LP)

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