In 1994, for about five minutes, I fashioned myself a budding record label entrepreneur to some extent. I’d heard pals wax rhapsodically about how incredibly easy and cheap it was to put out a 45, and for the most part – since I put out or helped put out all of two – it totally was. I started a label called WOMB RECORDS, and was lucky enough to be allowed to put out MONOSHOCK‘s first record, “Primitive Zippo” – a searing, wild-ass overloaded mindfuck that kicks off their posthumous CD, a disc that you simply must get. What was I gonna do next? Well, I kind of knew the folks in the GORIES a little bit, as I’d interviewed them for the fanzine I did in the early 90s, and I also met & hoisted beverages with Dan(ny), their guitarist, in Detroit in 1993. My friend Anthony, who ran PAST IT RECORDS and was in the Icky Boyfriends at the time, also knew Danny & the flaunting ladies from his brand new band, the DEMOLITION DOLL RODS. We decided to team up and put out their debut 7″EP together, so it ended up being a Womb/Past It co-production.
What was cool was that the two of us got to pluck the songs that would kick off this still-active band’s recording career from a tape they gave us, and the Doll Rods gave us full rein to select our favorites, track order, etc. I think we chose pretty well. The band never really touched the Gories for raw, unadulterated stripped-down soul power, but I feel to this day that this is the closest that they came. It sold well enough that Anthony & PAST IT did a solo re-press of another 500 copies with a blue-tinged cover; I opted out and threw in the towel for record mogulship. If you ever see the black-and-white cover pictured here, that’s the one that we did. If you never see it, well, here are the songs.

Download DEMOLITION DOLL RODS – “We’re The Doll Rods” (Side A, Track 1)
Download DEMOLITION DOLL RODS – “Give It Up” (Side A, Track 2)
Download DEMOLITION DOLL RODS – “No Tickets, No Passes” (Side B)

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