Jan & Dean: Carnival of Sound and Other Musings

Jan Berry in the Studio

Mark Moore Interview

Discussion of Jan & Dean history, and the forthcoming album project honoring Jan Berry as a writer, arranger, and producer. From The Back Porch Show with Jammin’ Jay. KBIG Radio, Dallas, TX. January 21, 2007.

NOTE: This is not the actual audio that was broadcast on the show over the Internet. KBIG does not currently archive its shows; and this audio was recorded by staff at KBIG as a favor to Jan & Dean fans who couldn’t hear the original broadcast. Thus, there’s a delay in the background, as well as other voices and sounds in the studio . . . mixed in with the actual interview . . . so listen closely.

The songs from the show . . . the original mono versions of “Dead Man’s Curve” and “New Girl In School” . . . plus our tribute covers of “Anaheim” and “Blowin’ My Mind” . . . are omitted here because of the audio limitations of this recording.

Rough drafts of our tribute versions of the songs can be heard on our MySpace site at: https://www.myspace.com/jananddeantribute.

Listen here . . .

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

The album will feature guest artists such as Sky Saxon of the Seeds, David Marks (original member of the Beach Boys), P. F. Sloan, Jill Gibson, Tom Bahler, and others.

Producers: Cameron Michael Parkes and Mark A. Moore

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