Not Another One!

Okay, I now have a theory that some higher-up at the New York Times is heavily invested in some Berlin real estate he can’t unload. That’s the only explanation for the deluge of travel-section articles on hip! edgy! new! East! Berlin! the paper has carried this year. This is, what? The fourth, at least.

That link will be good for a week, and I’m including it instead of the usual text-only link so you can enjoy the video that goes with it, which manages to mispronounce just about every single place-name it utters, including Reichstag, and identifies a Wurst as a Schnitzel. That the Grey Lady thinks it’s news that the eastern part of the city is where the action is, and, worse, that it would print such twaddle as “Bullet-scarred buildings are metamorphosing from squatters’ homes, to artists’ studios, and then to retail showrooms. Gray Communist alleys are laboratories for trendy bars, restaurants and galleries. And, like the city itself, Berliners continue to reinvent themselves as cultural vanguards, pushing the boundaries of art, fashion and design” in 2006 is mind-boggling.

The city’s economic deterioration is only touched upon once, in wondering who can afford €300 shirts, and the article never wonders how many of the revelers in the hip! edgy! nighttime are residents instead of, say, Americans enjoying a cheap year in Europe. But then, I guess it’s reassuring for Americans to come to Europe to hang out with other Americans. That’s what reinvigorated Prague, after all.

Finally, with the exception of M. Vuong’s, which I haven’t been able to get into since he moved to Neue Schönhauser Allee from Gipsstr., I would be very wary of their food recommendations. I’ve downed many a good beer at Altes Europa (although I guess now it’s been “discovered”), but I would never even think of touching the food there.

Come to think of it, though, there’s three more Sunday papers left to squeeze in a trip through Berlin’s Christmas markets. This may not be the last article this year. Or maybe it is: there’s nothing particularly hip! and edgy! about Christmas markets. Maybe that’s one reason I like ’em!

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