Li’l Sphere, born February 9, 2005 at approximatel…

Li’l Sphere, born February 9, 2005 at approximately 7 pm.

My son weighed 8 lbs even and measured 21 inches. His mom thought she was having Braxton-Hicks contractions when I picked her up at work at 3 pm. We got to the birthing center at 5:30 pm and our boy was born at about 7 pm (I’m still not sure about the time). He had his umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck, and his mom was going through labor incredibly fast, so she had to push him out as fast as possible. It took her all of four (maybe five) excruciatingly hard pushes. That was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, and it all seemed like a dream for hours afterwards. We went home at 2 am.

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