SCAFFOLD “Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall 1968” CD (el/ Cherry Red)

Review by P. Edwin Letcher

SCAFFOLD “Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall 1968” CD (el/ Cherry Red)… It was a swinging time for music in England in the ’60s. It was also a pretty cool era for comedy. Scaffold was a comedy trio that mixed a smattering of music with a whole bunch of funny bits. Paul McCartney’s brother Mike was in the group and that’s probably why Scaffold received a bit more notice than a lot of other comedy acts of their day. The liner notes mention the group being forever remembered for a novelty singalong called “Lily the Pink.” Unfortunately, that piece wasn’t part of the set they performed here. There is a jolly touch of whimsy in one of the rare musical accompaniment numbers, “Ten Whiskey Bottles,” in which the singer gets progressively smashed while guzzling hootch and progressively screws up the lyrics. While some of this is very funny, it requires an awful lot of undivided attention to get through the heavily accented banter. Fans of Monty Python, with the requisite patience to sit still for an hour in an otherwise quiet room and just listen, will be rewarded with some classic irreverent British humor.

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