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SCRAM is a magazine dedicated to rooting out the cashews in the bridge mix of unpopular culture. Since 1992 we have chronicled the neglected, the odd, the nifty and the nuts.



Scram #21 featuring Lark Pien’s cover art. It is our Swamp Issue, with a funky air blowing through it. Features include Nathan Marsak’s rude and hilarious interview with Dwarves leader Blag Dahlia, Gene Sculatti on that brief moment "When MOR went Hip," Phantom Surfer Mike Lucas in a valiant attempt to interview Blowfly, Ron Garmon on the lurid early 70s Skywald Horror-Mood magazines, Tony Sclafani investigates Baroque rockers The New Society, Michael I. Cohen digs deep in Kenneth Anger’s music archives to find the mysterious Andy Arthur, Deke Dickerson offers a history of hillbilly "eefing" records, Jonathan Donaldson talks with High Llama Sean O’Hagan, plus scads of reviews, pin-ups and fun.


Scram #21 Record Reviews.


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